LAS (Library Accounting System) is a media cataloging system for books, movies, journals, and magazines. LAS is currently geared torward the individual user. It supports loaning and viewing of records, automatic downloading of book information, and call number creation.
L-A-S is an open-source php based library cataloging system. This will open the demo of L-A-S that items can be added and edited in. If you have some interested in what is in my personal library, use the link on the bottom. Keep in mind that records cannot be edited or added to in my personal library.
L-A-S started in about 2003 as a small program that interfaced with mysql to catalog my growing book collection. This program was small and not overly sophisticated, requiring all information to be added manually. I did catalog my entire collection only to forget to backup the mysql data during one of my frequent reformats.Seeing as I would have to add all the books separately yet again I decided to change the program for the better adding many new features. However my book collection during the programming of the second version had grown exponentially and I kept putting off cataloging collections again.
Eventually I switched to linux and decided it was time to yet again catalog my collection, however my program couldn’t run on my operating system so I decided it was time to switch to php. Programming in php was a very good idea and the library increased in features time and time again. Eventually I decided to release it on and L-A-S was born.
As for what the program does, it allows you to add, edit and view books and movies you have previously added, after adding them you can loan books. There are also several search features, such as a search builder that allows you to search by genre, title, author, actor, director or series or you can use a fulltext search to find all books/movies that include your search terms. Further more after adding records you can then attach comments to them, in a forum-like style. By using BB codes and a threaded view it allows you to follow up to earlier comments.
I’m still trying to get everything moved to the new site. For now you will have to settle for the sourceforge hosted demo library here


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