Another worthless personal site?
Well Yes and No, Yes as in this is another personal website, but No as in the author of this website does not expect this site to be anything more than a personal site. Therefore you won’t find any of the worthless site add-ons, heavily graphical backgrounds or other worthless things people do to get their sites noticed.
What you will find on this sight is all the work I have done that I think may be worth sharing with others. Be it my various php scripts or various papers on literature, physics, anthropology or any other topic that comes to mind.

Website history is very short, this site is intended to be a personal warehouse of all my projects and papers that I have done, as to be accessible to myself from any computer. This website will also be a testing grounds for any future ideas.

I read my old About page that I’ve had since the site started and it doesn’t really work anymore. I no longer intend it to be a personal site; instead I want it to be the most informative and diverse blogish thing on the web. I try to stay away from cheap junk articles, but they may slip in once and a while. Since I started with WordPress it may become a focal point of the site, even now it drives in most of my traffic. Funny I guess “Culture Based on Instinct: Creation of the Human Family” just isn’t a big crowd pleaser…Who’d uh thunk it?


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